Devstringx Technologies: Delivering Complete Testing Solution

CIO Vendor Software development has been experiencing disruptive innovation over the last few years due to the dynamic changes occurring in the business world. With the rising expectations of customers looking to get a superior experience, organizations are coming up with various new and advanced software development approaches. These advanced mechanisms used in the development process help in rapid software application development. However, even a minute error in the software application can bring the entire product development cycle to a standstill.

This is where Noida based Devstringx Technologies comes into the picture. Perfectly understanding the requirements, the company renders cost-effective independent testing services and empowers businesses worldwide by providing end-to-end capabilities right from product ideation to completion. The company’s test automation strategy helps client organizations increase their QA team velocity, reduction in manual testing efforts and overall reduction in time to market. The company also provides various other services such as, product development and mobile app development using different technologies.

“Our ability to provide cost effective end-to-end test automation solution is what differentiates us from the rest,” says Manan Sharma, CEO, Devstringx Technologies.

Test Automation Solution
Devstringx provides test automation services and has developed its own test automation framework FARTAF. This framework provides test automation for functional and API automated tests. FARTAF is built on top of open source technologies to facilitate automated testing of web, mobile applications, and web APIs. It acts as a wrapper over Selenium, Appium and Rest Assured. FARTAF can be easily configured for CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI etc. It can be integrated with
Browserstack, SauceLabs, CrossbrowserTesting, AWS Device Farm and tools such as JIRA and TestRail.

This cost-effective framework also supports Behavior Driven Development tools such as Cucumber and Specflow. Entire manual and automated testing can be managed from a single product with the integration of Devstringx project management solution with FARTAF, which helps in reducing the test cycle time and provides quick feedback as well. FARTAF has the capabilities of executing the scripts locally or in cloud.

Our ability to provide cost effective end to end test automation solution is what differentiates us from the rest

Adaptable API and On-Demand Testing Services
API is one of the most critical parts of an application. Sometimes it happens that validations are applied only at the front end layer leaving the API layer vulnerable for security attacks.

Devstringx leverages its API testing experience to provide adaptable testing services based on best industry practices to comprehensively address the customer’s testing requirements. The company with its API testing expertise meets the customer’s quality expectations within budget and deadline. The testing approach followed by Devstringx for API Testing is Functional tests for API, Load test for API, Reliability test for API and Security test for API.

Many a time, due to financial constraints, it is not possible to keep QA full time as companies will be in the early stages of product development or there may be very limited time in a sprint to test and have loads of tests to execute. In such cases, companies can use Devstringx On-Demand Testing service.

“We are in the process of adding AI capability in our product so that majority of the scripts can be developed automatically using our solution.” concludes Manan.